Our method enables you to learn in an effective, fun and interactive way thanks to direct communication with native Italian-speaking teachers who live in Italy and by using our excellent study materials. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of Italian, we offer lessons, conversation or courses to suit your specific requirements.

We will assess your level of proficiency in Italian free of charge when you first contact us. You may then decide if you wish to study with us, how many lessons you wish to buy and, over time, if and when to continue studying with our school.

Our lessons, either one-to-one or group lessons, use one or a combination of the following:

• webcam

• chat

• interactive whiteboard

According to your wishes, level of proficiency and goals, we will propose:

• multimedia textbooks

• video files

• audio files

• books

• songs

• text and PDF files

• news articles

• links to Italian newspapers and magazines

• writing activities

• grammar exercises


Our teachers will always be at your side, indicating the topics and objectives of the lesson, proposing actitivites, correcting your mistakes and sending you additional practice exercises. Above all, they will speak to you in Italian − right from the very first lesson − in order to stimulate a learning process based on conversation, which will be fine-tuned to your personal requirements and characteristics. This is because it is important to know how to communicate.


We have selected textbooks, CDs and DVDs produced by publishers specialising in Italian teaching. These are useful both for online activities and for individual studying and revision. A textbook, which will have to be ordered and used during learning, is important, especially if you wish to follow a course that will allow you to achieve a level of language proficiency foreseen by the Common European Framework of Reference or to pass an examination. We recommend you use this book also if you wish to attend a series of lessons for a medium-long period of time.


You can also choose lessons which focus only on:

• unstructured conversation

• discussion of a topic of your choice: from tourism in Italy to art, literature, topical subjects, cuisine, etc.

• listening to and discussing Italian music

During unstructured conversation lessons, teachers may introduce vocabulary, verbs, grammatical structures and point out mistakes and correct you, in accordance with your level of proficiency and your needs.

Please visit the page providing details of our lessons on offer or contact us.